Where's Waldo​?​: The Musical

by The Online Musical

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Where's Waldo?: The Musical
Music by Matt Savarese
Lyrics & Directed by Jeff Luppino-Esposito

The search is over. The Online Musical is proud to present the true tale of Waldo. Meet Wenda—Waldo's ex-lover, looking for her baby-daddy...is Waldo the one? Next up, Odlaw—Waldo's spiteful half-brother, looking for himself...does Waldo have the answer? Then there's Wizard Whitebeard—left behind when the student overcame the teacher...can Waldo stay hidden? Lastly there's a 1920's
reporter...he just wants the scoop. But why all the secrets? Is Waldo hiding from us, or hiding from himself?


How could one man hide away for so long?

Why won’t he stand by my side where he belongs?

What would I do if I knew where he’d been?

Who has the clue when to pursue since he drew us in we’ve been askin…

Where’s Waldo

We’re confounded beyond all compare

Where’s Waldo

He’s got rounded glasses he ain’t a square

Now listen to the tale of all those on Waldo’s trail

First up Odlaw, he’s his half brother

Then there’s Wenda, she’s his ex-lover

Wizard White Beard was his mentor sorta[Scribbles] And don’t forget the 1920’s reporta!

[WW’s]: 20’s Reporta!

[Scribbles] I’m gonna scoop up all the hype

[Wenda] I’m gonna get ya Dad to pay

[WWB] I’m gonna make him show his stripes

[Odlaw] I’m gonna play his way just a little bit longer wrong or right every night I get stronger

[Scribbles] Baloney!

[Odlaw] Alright, I lied…the scoop? I tried to hide but not a soul gives a poop! See me now!

[Scribbles] And how!

[Odlaw] I’m crusting!

[Scribbles] You ain’t the cat’s meow because you’re loathsome and disgusting

[WW’s] Loathsome and disgusting!

[WWB] Just a splash, pow, bang, salt! Made my vow now I’ll find Wald-Oh! No! Not there, Not then! That’s his face but where and when I see him on a pier Or chillin with Mao I see him anywhere except the here and now!

Where is, Where is…

[Wenda] Wenda my mother warned me Wenda since I was born she said that men don’t tend to stay when prom night goes too far

Wenda his postcards tell me Wenda he’s doing swell he hasn’t sent a payment since we left the back seat of his car

[Scribbles] Scoop Scoop on the Network News Gonna get that scoop on the Network News Is it true you two was high school hunnies?[Wenda] I’ll beat you back to the 1920’s!

[Scribbles] Level with me sweetcheeks just one—

[Wenda] No!

[Scribbles] Do you really love him and you’re scared to let him go?!

[Wenda] Maybe I love him

[Odlaw] Maybe I love him

[Od/Wen] Maybe I knew

[+WWB] from the moment he drew me

[Odlaw] Out of his life

[WWB] Out of his life

[Wenda] Into his life

WENDA - I believe I can find him hiding in my heart ifI can leavethe painbehind and start recallinghigh school, he picked meI thought he’d stick with me (Sure he’s catatonic, but I need him in my life)

ODLAW - Look for me I can be what you’re tryin to findWe got the same clothes and everybody knowsthat both of us are colorblindIn high school when other kids would pick on meHe would give his walking stick to me(Strictly it’s platonic, but I need him in my life)

WWB - Blindly inhigh school, I taught himhow to teleport and travel through time.(Now he’s supersonic, but I need him in my life)

Scribbles - (Lenin was draconic)

Scribbles: Where’s the last place you saw him?

Wenda: Wait, seriously, where is the last place we saw him?

Odlaw: High School!

WWB: High School!Wenda: High School!

Scribbles: Never!

Waldo: Where’s Waldo?

Anne Donnelly on Trombone: Bwaohwwah

Waldo: Not now.


released August 17, 2011
Director: Jeff Luppino-Esposito
Music Director: Matt Savarese
Production Manager & Costume Designer: Anna McGrady
Assistant Director: Ryan Campbell
Sound Editors: Matt Savarese, Ryan Campbell
Stage Managers: Anne Donnelly, Emma Volpe
Crew: C.J. Whitaker

Waldo: Mike Goldstein
Wenda: Rachel Dady
Odlaw: Gavin Rohrer
Wizard Whitebeard: Matt Savarese
Cornelius "Scribbles" Hootenheimer: Ryan Campbell

Wally Watcher 1: Happiness Chijioke
Wally Watcher 2: Jenna Schilstra
Wally Watcher 3: Reva Geier
Wally Watcher 4: Anna Schneider
Wally Watcher 5: Camille Loomis
Wally Watcher 6: Emily Via
Wally Watcher 7: Kate Gadzinski
Wally Watcher 8: Kate Breimann
Wally Watcher 9: Stephanie LeBolt
Wally Watcher 10: Anne Donnelly

Woof/Chairman Mao: Jenn Arcilla
Charmin' San Diego: Erin McDonald




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